Monday, April 28, 2008

Note to Self: Stock up on Dark Chocolate

I knew there was a reason to keep eating chocolate while pregnant!

Of course, I never had any pre-eclampsia issues to begin with... maybe it is because I love dark chocolate! No reason to stop eating the good stuff when we're pregnant this fall. Says right here, it's good for ya! Hanne, you must indulge too!

Chocolate May Reduce Pregnancy Risk Complication
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Indulging in chocolate during pregnancy could help ward off a serious complication known as preeclampsia, new research suggests.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Beautiful and Perfect"

Those are two adjectives that can project quite well onto most things, but when it's about a uterus, it's quite different! Dr. Campbell said my uterus was "beautiful and perfect" and gave us the thumbs up for moving forward. We had a lovely discussion about my medical history, the process and what the future holds for July. Both JP and I left our samples behind for testing. The sonohystogram and trial transfer went just beautifully. I also have an Rx for birth control to start in May!

It is now time for Hanne & Tommy to be focused on their wedding coming up in May! After that, there will be plenty of updates as we get closer to summer. Exciting, indeed!!

A joy to the Spring, Love, Dreams and Teamwork

Spring has finally arrived! We enjoy the lovely energy and sun this longed for season offers us. The nature is just so flourishing - we want to bring along this fertile spirit to July. One week left to our church wedding. Yes, the days are busy and a little tensed. But the big next step in our journey is in our thoughts all the time. We can’t wait for July and to visit Minneapolis again.

We hope and pray for a little miracle – Julie and JP has really made us believe that dreams can come true…

So long from Tommy and Hanne

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Minnesota Legislature

There is much a buzz about surrogacy in Minnesota these days... you see, as far as our laws go, they are neither pro nor con. However, tomorrow, a bill goes before the Senate. On the radio today a talk show host was spending an hour taking calls pro/con on the issue. A friend quickly called me and I was able to stream it online while at my desk. I listened just in time to catch a friend give all the positives of why she has been a surrogate three times!

More Information Here

What the bill does is two things:
#1 it allows a woman who chooses to do an egg donation to do so just as a man does a sperm donation. The parents would not have to go through any hassle nor would the donor.

#2 it makes it so the parents would not have to "adopt" their own children. They would be considered the legal parents as soon as the child is born. Thus, eliminating the need for PBO or court after the child is born.

So keep our legislature in your thoughts & prayers that they make the right choices for parents and surrogates!

Edited to add:
I just discovered another story ~ it's everywhere in the media this week!

This is the same friend, Charity, who spoke on the radio earlier today. Go Charity!! Don't let those who had a bad experience taint all that is beautiful and miraculous about surrogacy!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Our Next Appointment - April 23rd

We are set to meet at CRM. Dawn sent me the following schedule today!

11:15 AM Conference with Dr. Campbell

11:45 AM Julie – saline sonogram with trial transfer and labs; JP – labs

Friday, April 4, 2008

And the conversation goes...


"Hi, this is Dawn and the lab results are back. You're not pregnant."

"Gee, I knew that, but thanks for confirming it," says I.

"And you've ovulated and your progesterone is 12, so you should be getting your period next week. No need to fill the prescription."

me, laughing out loud:

Lab Work

I had a quick lab appointment at CRM this morning. It didn't take me as long as I thought it would so I was pleased. One little vial of blood to get some testing done. Next steps for the Minnesota team is meeting with Dr. C on April 23rd. JP and I will have a consult and will do more blood work. As part of protocol, they do routine tests for STD's and the like. I will also have a sonohystogram and mock transfer done that afternoon.

From there I would suspect we'll know more on timeline and soon we'll be getting excited about a medication calendar and shots! Won't be long now and Hanne & Tommy will have to start thinking about booking their next trip and stay in Minnesota!

For now, however, I think they need to focus about the impending church wedding they have planned! I cannot wait to see photos!