Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's Official...

We are matched!

Hei Tommy og Hanne. Jeg er slik hisset opp til å stirre denne reisen med du !

Thanks to Dana/Jaime's agency, I have found a couple from Trondheim, Norway to carry for in 2008! They are wonderful on paper and I had a PC with the IM today over my lunch hour.

Whoohoo.... medical screening, cycling and shots are on my horizon again. Surely we're all nuts for loving this part of surrogacy, right? But oh, how I cannot wait to be pregnant again and help bring another miracle into the world!!

Just had to share or I'll burst at the seams!!

More details in the near future. I'm on my way to a second surrogacy journey!!

1 comment:

Eskimo said...

I am loving your Norwegian, Julie! :-)) Congratulation once again on a great match!