Sunday, March 30, 2008

Welcome from CRM

I received the welcome packet from CRM in the mail this week. I'm not sure, but I guess that means that they received the letter/exam information from my OB and a thumbs up on moving forward. I will contact CRM offices this week and see about getting JP and I in for our initial bloodwork.

We also received a voicemail while away on vacation that the life insurance is approved and ready to go.

PhotobucketJust a couple more things checked off the list!

Monday, March 17, 2008

OB Evaluation & Update

My doctor's appointment on Friday was uneventful and yet productive. We chatted about my wishes to be a surrogate again. She said that she had heard we were at the hospital. I told her we would look for her in July for introductions when you return. There were a multitude of questions on the forms required by CRM. Most of them were to judge physical health so she felt much better by having me come in and doing the evaluation. My doctor couldn't believe the number of questions and I said, "They don't let just anyone be a surrogate!" We chuckled over that one. All of the girls in the office seemed to be excited that I was doing this again and gave me smiles and shouts of "see you this fall" when I left.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Insurance Physical

Yesterday I had the port-a-medic at my house for the insurance evaluation. I have never had an Echo done before so that was interesting. I have a picture for posterity and the boys got a kick out of helping her attach all of the wires to my body. The poor woman was 3 weeks away from delivering her 5th child and looked like she was more than ready to deliver. Schlepping that equipment in/out of people's houses, holy cow!!

Today I have an appointment with my OB so she feels comfortable completing the paperwork for the RE. I'm not sure what her issue is at this point since we already talked about timing. However, she insisted I come into the office. So I am.

Anyway... merrily we roll along! We are still hoping to transfer sometime the last two weeks in July.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Minnesota Signatures

JP and I have signed the final contract. We asked our neighbors to witness for us too, so the secret is out in our neighborhood! I am affixing postage and sending along to Hilary in Maryland today. Look for it soon, Hanne & Tommy!

I also have an appointment scheduled with my OB on March 14th. She apparently needs to meet with me to complete the paperwork requested of the RE. I've tried to talk myself out of the appointment and subsequent visit fee, but she's not biting. Her voicemail to me again mentioned something about "waiting a year" and I think she's a tad paranoid we're going to run out and get pregnant this month! LOL! Surely she must know me better by now?! We will wait almost a year (chuckle) and are looking forward to the last 2 weeks of July for transfer!