Friday, March 14, 2008

Insurance Physical

Yesterday I had the port-a-medic at my house for the insurance evaluation. I have never had an Echo done before so that was interesting. I have a picture for posterity and the boys got a kick out of helping her attach all of the wires to my body. The poor woman was 3 weeks away from delivering her 5th child and looked like she was more than ready to deliver. Schlepping that equipment in/out of people's houses, holy cow!!

Today I have an appointment with my OB so she feels comfortable completing the paperwork for the RE. I'm not sure what her issue is at this point since we already talked about timing. However, she insisted I come into the office. So I am.

Anyway... merrily we roll along! We are still hoping to transfer sometime the last two weeks in July.

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Hanne said...

I love that picture :)