Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Beta Numbers

What a crazy thing, this process of getting pregnant via IVF!! So I had a second beta this morning and the number was 164. Monday's number was 102. Some people believe it should double in 48 hours, but I, of course, have been digging for all kinds of information and found that 60% in 2 days is just as good. This was 62% so I'm going with it. I've found evidence that says it should double in 72 hours. So we're not concerned. Our doc wants us back for another beta in a week, so it's next Wednesday morning. It's going to be ONE LONG WEEK now... so I guess our 2ww is now a 3ww!!

Today's photos I took of the Basilica of St. Mary's in Minneapolis. It's on my way to/from the clinic and I just love how it shines in the sunrise and the shadows of downtown Minneapolis. I said another prayer as I passed it and sat in traffic on my way back to work.

Keeping the faith!

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