Friday, October 10, 2008

The morning sickness (or for me, any time it feels like hitting me sickness) is slowly subsiding and it's no longer daily! Whoohoo!! However, I still have many aversions and my sense of smell is incredible. I just had to move a tray of leftover donuts from my desk because the smell of the sugar wasn't boding well with my sinuses. It is very strange to change from routine and not really even care. I used to go to Starbuck's frequently (and reveled in my mocha fix!), but now I've gone only once in the past month. I haven't eaten chocolate since... oh, the weekend before transfer maybe? I know this too shall pass and hopefully it will help me maintain the appropriate weight gain that comes with pregnancy. Note to self, no chocolate shakes from McDonald's before the gestational diabetes test this time around!

Anyway, my diet is very healthy and my personal chef knows to steer clear of red sauce for my meals (heartburn). He even offered to cook my pasta for tonight in a white sauce. Isn't he a dear?!

Next Monday at 3:15 pm CDT is my first appointment with my OB. I will post an update sometime that early evening. We will be 14 weeks and 1 day!

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Jaymee said...

he is such a sweetie. hope you stop having the senses of a bloodhound soon.