Wednesday, November 12, 2008

150 days?!

How can that be? there's only 150 days remaining of this pregnancy and until the little bouncing baby comes out into its parents waiting arms? Wow! Time sure flies by, doesn't it?

Hanne asked me about a birth plan today. I'm afraid I rambled on for quite some time in a reply email (obviously I've done this before and got carried away). I will share a portion of it with you all as it was quite fun to actually type the sequence of events. Of course I am probably missing a few things, but...

The short of it (as it happened in the past):
  • If in active labor... we get checked into hospital.

  • Go to MAC assessment area (maternal), where they confirm I am in active labor

  • Get admitted.

  • Make sure all paperwork is secured and they know this is a surrogate birth.

  • Everyone comes by and says HI and they're excited to see me/us again. :)

  • Depending on dilation and whether or not my water has broken, we proceed.

  • IV inserted (hoping maybe I can avoid it this time if we are not doing pitocin).

  • Monitor, monitor, check dilation, monitor.

  • Epidural (comes before we get too far along and I cannot get one).

  • Ahhhh, no more pain.

  • Dilation, baby works for us, moving along...

  • Get ready to labor down (push) and the room gets busy.

  • Pushing baby out for me generally takes about 60 minutes (on average).

  • I am oftentimes put on oxygen.

  • Barring any further complications, Baby is born!

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