Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Julie's OB Update

I had a visit with my OB last week and she's insistent that I not get pg again until the one year mark. So a transfer in 2008 will not be until July/August timeframe. It gives me a little more time to "whittle my middle" in the interim. Also to get everything else in place with Hanne & Tommy... who are very excited and anxious to get started! The new clinic has accepted my MMPI from the summer of 2006 and JP will take one on January 4th. Then it's on to a springtime filled with medical screenings and contracts!

Back to working from my couch today. My youngest is home sick! It's allowing me to get caught up on email though without interruption. Gotta love sitting fireside, with a hot cup of java and ratta-tap-taping away at the computer!

~ Julie

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