Monday, December 3, 2007

A new year, a new adventure!

I received a call today from our coordinator at SO and she is already talking about screening appointments in January! Wow. Hanne & Tommy will be coming to Minnesota in the next six weeks! This is the part, I can only imagine, that has to seem like years for them... yet, suddenly the time will be here to travel across the ocean for medical and psychological evaluations!

My husband, JP, cannot believe he has to take a psych exam. He did not have to do this with the last journey. I also took it on a computer that time and flew through it with speed. I believe that the one we will all take in January is on paper. The MMPI is a test, however, not one that really has a pass/fail aspect to it. No studying necessary. You're either nuts, or you're not. Ha!

I sent Hanne an email this afternoon with a bunch of questions about their itinerary, schedule, hotel, dinner, etc. I'm sure she will start feeling a bit anxious soon, if she is not already.

Just the first steps, of many!

~ Julie

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