Thursday, February 21, 2008

Flying Home

Hanne & Tommy are airborne now on their way back to Norway. I'm betting that their friends and family are very anxious to hear how their trip went in Minnesota. It was, of course, probably the coldest week of the year... and now the sun is shining and the temperatures are going up. Hmmmmm. We promised them an extremely different climate and visit when they return in July.

Our last visit was over dinner at Figlio's. The dinner was scrumptious and the conversation never-ending! We all agreed that this was a beautiful start to a wonderful journey... and most likely, a long-lasting friendship!

Hanne & Tommy, please post a few comments when you wake up on Saturday!

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Hanne said...

At last we have adjusted to Norwegian time zone and are about to leave the fever and cold we picked up on our flight back behind us ☺

Happily, the great experience we had in Minneapolis with both you guys, the people at the CRM clinic and Dar at the Birth Center at Abbott Northwestern Hospital was not just a fever fantasy!

The meeting with you Julie and J.P. (and the boys) have made us 100% confident that we couldn’t have been a better baby-making-team ☺ We are aware of that we are very lucky indeed to have been matched up with you! It was very good for us to experience that surrogacy is so ”normal” in the US, coming from Norway where it is not so well known/seldom heard of.

We already look forward to the next trip in July for the transfer and to se the ”the summer face” of Minneapolis, - and to have a barbecue in you lovely garden. We thought we would be the tuff Vikings coming over to you, but we hadn’t experienced such cold weather in ages (-25°C)...

All the best, with love

Tommy + Hanne ☺