Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Getting Excited to Meet

We are all getting excited to meet in two weeks! I received the following email from Hanne and asked if I could share it with all of you.

Hi Julie!

Hope you are having a great day :) It will be interesting to hear more
about your studies when we meet, you definitely have a lot of good
things in your life :) I am so happy you can guide us during our stay.
Lunch the three days will be great. Its nice to be able to meet several
times and get to know each other better. My fellow IM in Norway and her family are also going to the US the same week as we do, they travel the 18. of February for their first meeting and the clinic in Cleveland. They have booked a car for rent. We haven't thought about that, but do you think we should? Is it necessary for the stay? I didn't think so at first, but have heard that American cities normally request that people comes around with a car.

We are actually reading through the contract drafts tonight - its so
exiting, it makes the journey so real, and it feels just so great to
have reached this far. And we have recently got new electronic
passports, we had old ones that's no longer accepted to enter into the
states. So now we are ready, eager and ready. And all the time in the
Norwegian media we hear about the American election process and the
super-Tuesday. Its Obama and Hillary everywhere.... If you hear even
more about the candidates than we do, I guess you must be done up with them long before the real election :)

The family vacation must be lovely for you - I guess there will sun and
its possible to swim in the ocean in Florida. That must be grand :)

Yes, less than two weeks now... time flies, before we know it, we will
meet in Minneapolis. Its almost like a fairytale for me, like I have to
clip my arm just to be sure this is real - that we actually have reached
this stage of the journey.

Travel fever hug from Hanne, Tommy sends his greetings too!

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Eskimo said...

Julie, Hanne & Tommy - I am so excited that you have come so far in your journey! I hope the next couple of week fly by fast and that you will have a great time meeting in person. Lykke til og god tur!! Petter