Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Minnesota Legislature

There is much a buzz about surrogacy in Minnesota these days... you see, as far as our laws go, they are neither pro nor con. However, tomorrow, a bill goes before the Senate. On the radio today a talk show host was spending an hour taking calls pro/con on the issue. A friend quickly called me and I was able to stream it online while at my desk. I listened just in time to catch a friend give all the positives of why she has been a surrogate three times!

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What the bill does is two things:
#1 it allows a woman who chooses to do an egg donation to do so just as a man does a sperm donation. The parents would not have to go through any hassle nor would the donor.

#2 it makes it so the parents would not have to "adopt" their own children. They would be considered the legal parents as soon as the child is born. Thus, eliminating the need for PBO or court after the child is born.

So keep our legislature in your thoughts & prayers that they make the right choices for parents and surrogates!

Edited to add:
I just discovered another story ~ it's everywhere in the media this week!

This is the same friend, Charity, who spoke on the radio earlier today. Go Charity!! Don't let those who had a bad experience taint all that is beautiful and miraculous about surrogacy!

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