Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I don't do leftovers. Ask anyone. I've never been one to like anything better the next day. Well, maybe just lasagna. Everyone loves lasagna better the next day, right?

But the kind of leftovers I'm talking about now are "baby fat" leftovers. The post-pregnancy kind. Some like to refer to it as muffin tops. Ewwwww. I used to like muffins until I heard of this reference. Okay, I still do like muffins, blueberry ones from Starbuck's, but I digress.

And why does the fashion industry think we all like the low-rise, belly hang over the top style of jeans? I've got leftovers! I don't like leftovers, but I've resigned myself to not worrying about it this year. Next year, let's say sometime after April, I'll worry about it.

So I bought myself a new pair of jeans this week. Actually, a friend found them onsale and mailed them to me. Even with shipping it was cheaper than I would have found locally. These jeans will definitely hide my leftovers! I don't think I'll fill them out for quite some time. When I got excited about them, JP asked if the packages will begin coming in the mail again soon?! Yes, I must admit, I have somewhat of a maternity clothing fetish. This pregnancy will take me into a season completely different (by trimester) than the last. But... I must... restrain... myself!!

I couldn't resist. I tried on the jeans this morning, just to make sure they fit (below the leftovers) and I absolutely love them! Maybe I should take before and after pictures. Now, that would be funny! I folded them back up and will tuck them away with the other clothes for this fall/winter season.

Ooooh, and just in case you thought shopping during pregnancy was all about the women, I bought something for Tommy today too! He'll just have to wait until he travels here to see what it is.

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