Thursday, May 29, 2008

oh, the headaches!

I'm not entirely sure it's the BCP's, but it's the only thing that's changed in the last couple of weeks. This may be a prelude to what I hear are horrible headaches with Lupron. I didn't use Lupron with my first surrogacy journey, so the protocol and subsequent side effects will be all new to me.

The flip side is that all of this is only temporary, I know that! Only to be replaced by morning sickness. Hahahaha... but I can deal with morning sickness much better than all day, every day headaches.

Now, lest you have pity on me or think I'm complaining too much, remember this is where I journal... good, bad or indifferent... and I am not looking to impress or depress anyone in the process. It's just my way of giving you some insight into this "amazing, wonderful, unbelievable, miracle..." journey!!

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Eskimo said...

I hope you feel better soon, Julie!!