Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Baseline, Babies & Bagels

Uneventful baseline ultrasound done this morning at CRM, all looked well... lab/blood work done. She said unless I hear from them today, we're on track. I don't expect to hear from them at all. I start Estrace and baby aspirin tomorrow and get to decrease the dose of Lupron... yipppeeee!!

I brought the boys with me this morning and they were good while they waited in the waiting room. With them, I was able to drive in the "sane lane" and make it through traffic very quickly. I thanked them! I then explained why were were headed to a doctor downtown. When I said I was doing this so we could give Hanne & Tommy a baby, Oliver says, "Are they going to give the baby to someone else then?" I think I have a bit more explaining to do. He thought that Hanne & Tommy already had three children (from pictures of nieces and nephew he had seen), so why would they need more? Three is a good number. That brought us into a discussion about "What is a niece and nephew?" to which Henry made a very good reply, and that led into "then what is a cousin?". They were rewarded with a bagel from Einstein Bros. Bagels for their patience. It was their first visit to this particular bagel shop and they loved them!

Definitely another learning opportunity and a plus to share with my children! I am so very thankful I can show them how to be compassionate and giving.

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