Friday, June 13, 2008

On your marks! Norway are ready for action

I finally have my IVF-meds ordered from the UK. Since it was not allowed to ship meds from the US to Norway, we had to do some comprehensive "IVF-meds in Europe-inquiries" - and with a lot of googling and good help from some ladies on the SMO, I now have meds coming soon to our house.

While Julie starts on Lupron on Sunday, I won’t start until June 23. Fortunately I can stop taking the birth control pills on June 27 - and Tommy will, hopefully, have his normal, non-hormonal wife back... Unless the Lupron takes me to an even higher level of "hormone craziness"... So maybe Tommy and JP will have a lot of light frustration to share the next weeks to come.

The Lupron is meds that are meant for downward adjustment of my ovaries - then on July 5 I will start to take meds (Follistim shots once a day) that will heavily stimulate the ovaries to develop and mature as many good eggs as possible - before egg retrieval around the July 14. I will try to act as a GOLD HEN and deliver loads of Miracle eggs.... SO this is basically what I can do in the baby making-part of the journey. I cannot express my heavenly admiration for Julie that is prepared for a whole pregnancy. A TRUE ANGEL!

While dealing with prescriptions, dates, medical directions and information, phones with nurses, practical arrangements etc etc etc... you can almost forget the reason why you are doing this. But that's the thing with this journey; you have a higher goal, but need to focus on all the small steps day by day to get there... We have been through the choosing agency part, the matching, the first meetings, the contracts, the IVF-preparation... And now finally we are about to start the baby making - and watching a silly soap-opera here the other day that showed a hospital birth - I just burst out in tears (hormones yes). Suddenly I had the foresight of our birth to come at the Abbott-Northwestern hospital. This is why we do all this stuff - to have a baby, to become parents, to become a family... It’s unbelievable that we have reached this far already. We so look forward to every event coming up the next weeks... And don’t know how we can ever be able to thank Julie and her family for them being here for us - willing to help creating miracles...

So long from Hanne

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