Saturday, March 21, 2009

36/37 Week OB Update

It was a nice, easy way to spend a Friday afternoon. Or maybe I should just say 45 minutes of a Friday afternoon. Dr. E checked baby's length (right on), heartbeat (good and strong), Group StrepB test (results come in later, but I'm sure there's no issues), and did an internal exam. Cervix is closed, high and not dilated. Baby's head is down.

I asked again for a doctor's note to get parking closer to my work building and she obliged. Apparently they thought I was asking for a state permit. No, no, no, just one that gets me front row "reserved" and to the car faster at the end of a long work day! With the weather turning to rain, it will be a nice indulgence these next few weeks.

The next time we go in, the exam room will be filled with smiling faces of anticipation!

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