Tuesday, December 9, 2008

22 Weeks 2 Days

Well, it took a while to view baby's tummy... it can take anywhere between 20-30 minutes to fill. They insisted that they wait the time to see this as part of what they visually check. Weren't sure what to do if it didn't happen (hadn't had it happen before)... so I asked if this meant baby girl would be a picky eater? :) Everything checked out eventually and your little girl is growing just fine and healthy!

Oh, wait... and could it get any better? I convinced the u/s technician to let me video tape part of the ultrasound!! Yes, indeedy!! So while Miss Kleiven was being stubborn and we were waiting for her tummy to fill, the tech let me tape her just wiggling around... so what you hear is her comments, not to be taken as any type of medical advice (oiy, they're strict!)... just a little disclaimer so that everyone knows this is for pure enjoyment only!

All is well... and baby girl has now taken on the nickname, Thumper!

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