Sunday, December 21, 2008

24 weeks

I hear this is a good milestone... surely it must be, as any week we pass from now until 40 weeks will be! Twenty-four is also my favorite number, and with Christmas thrown in this week - it will be a splendid one!

So, what have baby and I been up to lately?

We started out taking the boys sledding...

while they were on the hill, however, I took it easy in the warm car, watching them from a distance, sipping my cocoa - don't want to take any chances ya know - it had nothing to do with the cold weather, honest.

and then baked Christmas cookies (you can see that baby girl got her hands in the flour too!) Notice Vikings game on in background... JP was gracious enough to be my photographer as I tried not to stand in the way of his game!

and finally, finished off singing Christmas songs again at the Joy, Joy, Joy concert.'s the most wonderful time of the year!

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