Monday, December 8, 2008

22 Weeks

Oh, I cannot even begin to list how many things I've misplaced, forgotten or lost in the last few weeks. I'm sure JP could, however, as he's found it quite amusing lately. Well, not so much as annoying, maybe. This weekend he took a 90 minute trip out of his way to get my camera that I left behind at a friend's on Saturday. Yea, although he's used to my pregnancy-induced forgetfulness, I'm sure he'd much rather I kept better track of things lately!

Our 22 week update suggests that we take a "babymoon" before baby comes... of course we all know that really pertains to Hanne & Tommy! So you two, you have 18 weeks left to lavish, enjoy what is now "normal" and quiet, spoil one another, visit others during the holiday season, and just plain relax! Don't delay, these weeks will go by quickly.

Babymoons, as some refer to these mid-pregnancy getaways, are so popular that nearly two out of three BabyCenter readers who took our poll said they intend to take one. The top dream destination: anywhere you can kick back and relax.
The kind of trip you decide to take — and whether you go away for a week or a weekend, to the beach or a favorite city — will depend on how much time and money you have. If you don't have the resources for a trip far away, you might want to make a reservation at a nearby hotel or bed and breakfast. Request the honeymoon suite and treat yourselves to a nice dinner out. Order room service and have breakfast in bed. Just being together, out of your regular routine, will make it special.

As it were, we also have a trip planned in early January to get away from the Minnesota winter. My next vacation will be a six or eight week sabbatical beginning in April!

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