Saturday, January 10, 2009

26 Week OB Appointment

Passed my glucose at 96. Weight and BP are good. Sanna's heartbeat was nice and strong. Measuring ahead to 29 weeks (fundal height). She asked if this was going to be another big baby? LOL! I told her that you thought you were both around 8 lbs, but maybe that's my bad memory. I fessed up that I was going on vacay and she was fine with it. She asked me to take a copy of my records with me and be watchful of the food/water. I also found out she will be out of town the week prior to our due date/Sunday. The other two OB's on call that week are female and will respect my VBAC wishes... although I never go early so I hope this doesn't get jinxed. I really want her to deliver this baby.

All is good.

... and won't this little girl look "pretty in pink" in these new clothes waiting for her at home in Trondheim? This is a photo shared with me by Hanne.

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