Monday, January 12, 2009

Handkraft from generations to generations

Just wanted to share; Tommy’s sister Mette got those pink knitted dresses from her grandmother (her mothers mother) as a little girl. When Mette got Nora Annie she wore those clothes – and she will have them stored in a box in case she will get a daughter in the future. In the meantime Sanna will get to use them too.

And, the little wool-socks is a gift from Tommy’s mother. She asked her mother 7 years ago is she could knit a pair of baby socks with the thought of Tommy being a father in the future. She did, and Tommy’s mother has stored those socks all this time and could finally take them out from the closet this Christmas. Yes, there were tears during the handing over…. Very emotional, grandmother passed away over three years ago, so it’s very special. Sanna is a lucky girl!!

PINK hugs from Hanne!!!

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rarejule said...

What a beautiful tradition to hand down & share these clothes between the families and their girls. You are blessed... and Sanna will be warm and toasty in them.