Monday, July 14, 2008

Cheers to Another 48 hours

So we are moving at a "snail's pace" and will wait another 48 hours to see if Hanne responds to the continued medication and time to grow some more follicles. After an ultrasound and waiting for the report bloodwork results from today, it was discovered that there was one follicle, when there were none from Friday's report. Hanne's estradiol has also tripled. We still have hope!

I picked up Hanne & Tommy downtown and brought them back to our house for dinner. We had a lovely time. JP made a tomato-basil pork loin, bread and salad. It was scrumptious! We toasted (beer, wine, milk & lemonade) to the coming week and all that it holds for us!

Dropping them back off downtown just now, we hugged and I told Hanne that I hope she feels like crap for the next two days. Giggle. She said she had some cramping over the weekend and now we assume that her not feeling well helped make the one little follicle grow. So wishing her not feeling well some more might be just what it takes!

.......we believe.......

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