Friday, July 18, 2008

Good morning!

I bet not many of you can say you awake dreaming of ovaries... but I can, especially this morning! And I'm so very thankful that we have good friends and family out there cheering us on. It has helped us all keep our spirits and hopes high this past week!

A special shout out to Stella who is now praying for "many, many good eggs" for us.

I am going with Hanne & Tommy this morning to another ultrasound where we hope to see lots of follicle growth with some eggs for retrieval!

It must be true that time stands still on occasion, because this last week sure seems like it has been one very long day! I haven't even updated my other blog since my ramblings about Lucky Charms. So on this day of a full moon, we are hoping all of the stars, wishes, Lucky Charms and prayers are on our side and that time marches on with renewed hope!

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Hanne said...

What a lovely picture!