Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Cycle Update from Hanne

A bit of our conversation by email, received from Hanne, this morning. Keep those positive thoughts headed our direction! It's working!! We are getting excited to meet with you again in Minnesota.

"Just wanted to tell that I had my first ultrasound check this morning.
And, it all looked good. The results gets faxed over to Dawn.

They wanted to check out that no cysts or anything could have developed around the ovaries - if it had, we probably would have gotten a delay... I have been so focused on the set schedule and my protocol from Dawn, that any possible "delay" has been totally out of my mind. But happily, we are just moving along as we should, totally after the book :)

I will have my next ultrasound on 7/9, the day before we leave. This Saturday I will begin to take the meds that stimulates the egg production - so hopefully the next ultrasound will show me a hole bunch of maturing egg follicles. Yes, I do feel like a hen :) "
Although Hanne and hen both start with an "h", there is no comparing lovely Hanne to an egg-laying hen! That said, we are hoping that there are many, many eggs to choose from so say a little prayer for us in the coming weeks!

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